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Welcome to the 2018 Cincinnati West Go-o-o-oalrilla Classic

About the Cincinnati West Go-o-o-oalrilla Classic

WHEN: September 15-16, 2018
WHERE: Cincinnati, Ohio
FEES: U8, $450; U9-10, $500; U11-12, $525; U13-14, $550; U15, $575
APPLICATION DEADLINE: Monday, Aug 13, 2018
PAY TO: Cincinnati West Soccer Club; Cincinnati West Soccer Club; ATTN: SELECTION COMMITTEE; 169 St Annes Ave North Bend, Ohio 45052

Cincinnati West Go-o-o-oalrilla Classic is a tournament designed to give all participating teams the most fun and the best opportunity for good competition in an atmosphere which is friendly for all.

The tournament will consist of preliminary games and a final. Both first and second place awards will be given.

All teams must be in good standing with their State Soccer Associations and carry a valid roster and pass for each player.
Maximum player roster size for U8-U10 playing 7v7 is 14 players.
Maximum player roster size for U10-U12 playing 9v9 is 16 players.
Maximum player roster size for U12-U15 playing 11v11 is 18 players Players may not be rostered on more than one team. Travel permits are required for all teams coming from outside Ohio South Youth Soccer Association.

The entry fee is
$450.00 for U8-U10 teams playing 7v7
$475.00 for U10-U12 teams playing 9v9
$500.00 for U12-U15 teams playing 11v11

Team fees must be mailed after completing the on-line registration to the following address:

Cincinnati West Go-o-oalrillac Classic
169 St Annes Ave
North Bend, Ohio 45052

Entry fees and non-refundable once a team is accepted by tournament officials. Team acceptance is based on the date the application is received and other criteria that the Tournament Committee deem important to make the tournament a good experience for all participants. Any team not accepted by August 8 will their fee returned.

We hope to make this tournament a rewarding and unique experience for everyone that participates.

Come join us!



Cincinnati West Go-o-o-oalrilla Classic
North Bend, Ohio 45052
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